About CSAC

Members of another Bristol dive club, West Avon, formed the Clifton Sub-Aqua Club at the end of 1985. The intention of the dive club remains the same to this day in that we aim to provide safe diving, whilst accommodating a variety of diving interests including adventurous diving.

Our motto, "Cavendo Tutus", means 'safe by being cautious' and this has continued to be the aim of the dive club in all its diving activities. Good training, experienced divers and meticulous planning ensure that we annually achieve this aim. We offer:

High quality SCUBA diving training to BSAC standards

Diving activities for all levels of diver

Exciting trips around the UK and abroad

Lots of social activities alongside the diving

CSAC is branch 1468 of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) and conforms to the recommendations and best practices of the parent club.

All Clifton Sub-Aqua Club members must be members of the BSAC and, as such are bound by its rules and constitution.

All training in CSAC is done by BSAC Nationally Qualified Instructors (NQI) and is supported by BSAC materials so your achievements with us are recognised worldwide wherever you might take your holidays.

CSAC is also affiliated to the Wessex Federation of Sub- Aqua Clubs (Wessfed). This organisation facilitates the co­operation of local bristol dive clubs and branches for mutual benefit.

CSAC has a constitution, a set of rules, a committee and members which all help to manage the week-to-week organisation of the club.

If you’d like to know more contact info@cs-ac.org

The easiest way to get to know the members of the dive club and to find out what is going on is to attend our weekly club meetings. The main club gathering takes place each Wednesday night (except around Christmas) downstairs in The Rose of Denmark (6 Dowry Place, Bristol BS8 4QL) in Bristol. There is no charge for entry, but refreshments from the bar are extra!