Plymouth – July

Our Boat is back in the water!! After a very delayed start to the diving season we finally got the boat out and had 2 cracking dives. First dive was on the James Eagan Lane, viz wasn’t the best but there’s always lots to see, Sea Fans, Bib, Congor eels, it’s also a great wreck to explore with lots of swim through’s.

After we were all safely back aboard we headed over to the Yealm River for a spot of lunch, which is a real beauty spot, Julia was so taken by the area she started looking to see if there were any houses for sale, unfortunately her budget couldn’t stretch to £1.85M!!

Second dive was Hillsea Point, viz was much better, we dropped onto the Pinnacle that rose up for 25m to 8m from there we swam down through a gully and along a wall. The whole site was covered in jewel anemones, sea fans, dead mans fingers and sponges. We also spotted a few crawfish and squat lobster. As we sent up the SMB we had some sand eels schooling around us. A Lovely dive.

Then it was back to the Queen Anne Battery Marina to wash the boat down and swift pint before heading home!

Posted in Dive Trip Reports on Jul 01, 2020