Dive Trip Reports

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New boat!! Christened

After a fantastic weekend of SCUBA diving and training in Portland we succesfully Christened the new boat with its first trip home behind a tow truck!! Fortunatley the boat is fine not so sure about Chris and Julia's car though...

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First Ocean Diver Open Water Dives

Well done to Bethany and Chelsie who did their very first SCUBA diving open water dives. They have been busy doing their training in the swimming pool in Bristol alongside lectures at The Orchard pub.

The weather was great, mainly sunny and the water is starting to warm up too. May we have many more great dives. Well done guys a good start to your diving careers!!

Diving Conference 2015

Attached are the notes from Chris our DO from the 2015 Diving conference. There is also a comprehensive report from BSAC here. [embeddoc url="http://cs-ac.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Notes-from-the-DOC-2015-from-NEC.docx" viewer="microsoft"]

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World Record Breaking SCUBA Santas!

CSAC divers were involved in a World Record breaking dive on 13th December 2015 at Vobster Quay dive centre. The not so chilly December morning saw 188 SCUBA diving Santas jump in the water to break the previous record set 2 years ago.

The excellent fund raising event raises money for both he RNLI and Somerset Air Ambulance.

The Vobster Dive centre is located near Bristol so our Bristol Dive Club was able to send 8 of our club members out there for the successful record breaking attempt. A fantastic way to round of 2015's diving calendar.

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Red Sea Adventures - November 2015

A group of club members have just come back from a week diving the Northern Wrecks itinerary in the Red Sea, Egypt. They had a great time diving classic wrecks such as the Thistelgorm, Salem Express, Carnetic and the Dunraven.

Featured image for Diving Pembrokeshire 10/11th Oct 2015. HMS Seabed, MV Lucy and bloody seals at 40m!

Diving Pembrokeshire 10/11th Oct 2015. HMS Seabed, MV Lucy and bloody seals at 40m!

6 of us had a fantastic weekend in Pembrokeshire diving around Skomer Island marine reserve staying a launching from Broad Haven. Day 1 consisted of a failed attempt to locate the wreck of the MV Lucy. After trying all the best surface search techniques we gave up to dive Rye Rocks instead. This was a great back up!! The Scenic drop offs to over 35m were hive of marine life activity. All watched on by some friendly seals. The second dive consisted of the Garland Stone. Again a fantastic scenic dive with drop offs to over 40m. The pinnacle that we were dropped in on whilst initially been quite ...

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Diving on HMS Manchester

An article on diving by  a club member  on HMS Manchester was published recently in the November issue of DIVER magazine.

HMS Manchester  was scuttled in 1942 after she had been hit twice by Italian torpedo boats off the Tunisian coast while part of Operation Pedastal - the support convey bound for Malta. However, the decision of Captain Drew to scuttle the ship remains controversial to this day. Although three of her four engines were out of action and she has list to starboard, her guns were still working. Captain Drew was court-martialled for his actions although it could be argued that man...