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Plymouth Diving Trip

We all had a good day out diving from our rib.

The first dive was on the Persier a 5000-ton Britsh-built merchantman, built in Newcastle in 1919 and sold to Belgium shortly after. She traded all over the world, and even took part at Dunkirk in 1940. She was torpedoed while on convoy duty in 1945 and now lies at around 28m on a sandy/rocky botom with extensive reefs around her.

The shot we put down actually missed the wreck so we couldn't find it on the first dive, but the next divers borrowed another boats shot so found it. Good excuse to go back again!

The second dive was on Hilsea Point Rock...

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Plymouth – July

Our Boat is back in the water!! After a very delayed start to the diving season we finally got the boat out and had 2 cracking dives. First dive was on the James Eagan Lane, viz wasn’t the best but there’s always lots to see, Sea Fans, Bib, Congor eels, it’s also a great wreck to explore with lots of swim through’s.

After we were all safely back aboard we headed over to the Yealm River for a spot of lunch, which is a real beauty spot, Julia was so taken by the area she started looking to see if there were any houses for sale, unfortunately her budget couldn’t stretch to £1.85M!!

Second dive wa...

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Cave Diving Talk

Connor Roe gave an excellent talk on a cave diving expedition to Cueva de la Peña Colorada, Oaxaca, Mexico this evening at the Nova Scotia pub.

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Dive Report Plymouth – September 2019

Had a great days diving from our rib. First was a dive on the Rosehill a collier that was torpedoed in WW1, viz was great with lots of life around the boilers and engine. Didn’t make it to the gun on the stern so will have come back to dive it again soon.

Second dive was on the Mew Stone Ledges, a series of gullies on the western side of the Mew Stone, one of the highlights was the cuttlefish followed us around for most of the dive.

We finished off with a bit of boat handling practice in the Plymouth Sound. Big thanks to poor old Chris who organized the trip, skippered the boat but couldn’t...

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Porthkerris – August 2019

Over the bank holiday weekend 13 divers, 1 non diver, 2 kids and a dog descended on Porthkerris for a long weekend of Rib and shore diving.

Day 1: The weather was against us so the boat only managed to get out once but rest of us still managed to have a great shore dive swimming amongst all the gullies and rocky outcrops just a short swim from the beach

Day 2: The wind and changed direction so the boat went out 3 times. I had two great wreck dives one on the Volney and another on the Mohegan, both are heavily broken up but there was loads of life on both of them.

Day 3: With the weather sti...

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Mull Dive Trip

CSAC decamped to Mull again.

So it's early July 2019 and CSAC are off to the Sound of Mull again, one of the UK premier dive sites.

Staying at a fabulous house overlooking the Sound and being picked up every morning from our own Pier! Diving the usual suspects, the fabulous wrecks of the Rondo, Hispania, Shuna, Breda, also some great wall diving, then heading out to the island of Coll to dive the wreck of the Tapti, we sighted Minke whales and Dolphins on the way out.

On another day, we dived some great wall dives out at the Small Isles then had lunch/surface interval at one of the UK’s mo...

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CSAC Goes To Egypt

7 Divers spent a fantastic week diving in the red sea with Blue o Two. Had a great week of diving some of the best wrecks and reefs the Red Sea has to offer. We started the week diving Ras Mohammad marine park before heading North to the Thistlegorm wreck. The Thistlegorm is one of the top wreck diving locations in the world. The world war 2 cargo ship was carrying troop supplies. Whilst at anchorage the wreck was found by Axis bombers which scored a hit on the ship. The bomb exploded near the artillery store which caused a chain reaction with the force of the explosion and light seen from man...

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Ceilidh sponsored by Pieminister #LittleActsofPieness

Lots of fun! Lots of dancing!

Open to anyone family, friends and children.

Clifton Sub-Aqua Club (CSAC) a branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) are organising a Ceilidh. CSAC is a friendly dive club based in Bristol. We are a volunteer club by our members for our members, training divers of all grades from our entry level, ocean diver all the way up to instructor level with the BSAC. We are hoping to raise some money for new equipment so we can train more divers in the future, widening participation!

Pieminster have kindly donated us 50 of their pies (which we will be serving with mash a...

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CSAC Goes to Orkney (and almost Shetland) 2018

Members of CSAC have just returned from their bi-annual pilgrimage to Orkney. They went up with plans to dive the German High Seas Fleet that was scuttled in Scapa Flow nearly one hundred years ago as well as exploring the many wrecks and reefs around the Isles. There were also plans to push on up to Shetland but the sea refused to comply.

Sea swell notwithstanding, we enjoyed fantastic weather, even breaking out the shorts and slapping on the sunscreen on a couple of occasions! There were also chances to take in the local surroundings when we moored up on the various islands that make up Orkn...

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World War One Historic Wrecks and Battleships

Clifton has just come back from a weeks diving the historic World War One German High Seas Fleet wrecks at Scapa Flow, in the Orkneys, Scotland. On June 21st 1919 Rear Admiral Ludwig von Reuter mistakenly got the message that the British were to re engage the Germans after the Armistice in the previous year. The German high seas fleet had been interned in Scapa Flow since that time. Believing the British wanted to capture the fleet Reuter gave the command to scuttle the entire fleet and 52 ships sank to the seabed, the greatest loss of shipping in a single day. Most of the wrecks have been ext...